SA .308 anTi Betty Barreled Actions – you pick chambering



SA .308 bolt face anTi Betty barreled actions available for the same price as a Defiance anTi action/bolt.  There is even a couple Left Handed actions available for builds as well!

You pick chambering; twist; contour; and finish length.

All RHB barreled actions and rifles are hand-fit to the action/bolt.  We use either Wilson or McGowen select match grade barrels for these builds.

We can add a carbon wrapped barrel for an additional $300 as well as customize a complete rifle to your configuration.  Give a call to discuss the build more in-depth.

In the notes to the seller – include which Barreled Action you’d like… Chambering, finish length, etc.

Call for real-time inventory

Ready to ship:

Hell Betty .260 Remington – 8 twist (.610″ at 22″) 22″ finish – barrel has Media Blast finish

Hell Betty 6.5 Creedmoor – 8 twist (630″ at 22″) 22″ finish – barrel has Media Blast finish

Muzzle Threads are an additional $100

Different chamberings are in process… Give us a call for more details.  Custom builds can take 4 to 12 months…  Depends on barrel and other parts availability.  Call for more details and real time inventory


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