Betty White Rifle


The Betty White is a Hell Betty action, stainless barrel in a black carbon stock with Hawkins BDL or an M5 detachable mag.  The Betty White comes with a Trigger Tech Trigger with the option to opt for a Jewell trigger.  The Betty White uses a black carbon stock – you choose the grip style and any color you want as long as it’s black!  All RHB rifles come bedded, and the barrel is free-floated.  The Betty White action and barrel are finished in white with black stock.  Available in Left and Right-hand configurations

We use a Wilson or McGowen stainless barrel with the option to use a cut-rifled barrel such as Bartlein, Rock Creek, Krieger, etc.  You choose the chamber, twist, contour, and finish length.  The barrel is hand-fit to each action to ensure the rifle’s correct breech, headspace, and functionality.  Each rifle is test fired.  Depending on the chambering, RHB may require 3/5 loaded cartridges for test fire and headspace.

The typical Betty White weighs sub 7 lbs. and has no problem shooting 1/2 MOA with load development

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