Crazy Megan Rifle


When you want a full-blown custom-built rifle – the Crazy Meagan is on the shortlist.  The Crazy Megan action is the cat’s meow of the custom actions.  Like all the RHB actions, the Crazy Megan is made for RHB by Defiance Machine.

The Crazy Megan is a private labeled Defiance Deviant only difference is the Crazy Megan is a few bucks less.  With all the same options, customization, and tolerances of the Defence Deviant, the Crazy Megan is a serious consideration for your next custom rifle.  All RHB Actions have an integrated recoil lug, but the Crazy Megan also has an integrated scope mount.  You choose the MOA of the scope mount.

The Crazy Megan rifles come standard with a stainless barrel with a carbon-wrapped barrel option and a carbon stock with Hawkins BDL or an M5 detachable mag.  The Crazy Megan comes with a Trigger Tech Trigger with the option of a Jewell trigger.  The Crazy Megan uses a carbon stock – you choose a style and color combo.  Manners, McMillan, or chassis systems are available as well.  All RHB rifles come bedded, and the barrel is free-floated.  The Crazy Megan comes in white or your choice of Cerakote color.  Available in Left and Right-hand configurations and three models – Ultra Light, RHB Hunter, and Tactical.

We use a Wilson or McGowen stainless barrel with the option to use a cut-rifled barrel such as Bartlein, Rock Creek, Krieger, etc. Any of the barrels can be Carbon Wrapped as well. You choose the chamber, twist, contour, and finish length. The barrel is hand-fit to each action to ensure the barreled action’s correct breech, headspace, and functionality. Each rifle is test fired. Depending on the chambering, RHB may require 3/5 loaded cartridges for test fire and headspace.

The typical Crazy Megan rifle can weigh sub 5.50 lbs. to over 15+ lbs. It just depends on the specific build. The Crazy Meagan rifles have no problem shooting 1/2 MOA with load development.

Lead times will vary from in-stock to over a year. Call to discuss your next build.

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