Hunter Carbon Stock


The Hunter carbon stocks are a hybrid design between a Sporter and the Vertical Grip. The Hunter has a vertical grip but is thinner to save weight.  The forearm is thinner, mirroring the Sporter firearm.  The Hunter stocks also have a higher check piece with a thinner profile, making these stocks the best of both worlds.

The Hunter stocks have the Defiance extended ejection port length and will work with Defiance actions and Remington 700 actions and clones.

The Hunter stock comes in Left or Right handed options; Short or Long action; various barrel-channel inlets; a range of color options; and your choice of BDL or M5 detachable magazine bottom metal inlet.  Adjustable cheek piece available as well.

Hunter Stock average weight:

SA – 27.3 oz
LA – 29.7 oz

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