LA Hell Betty Barreled Actions – Ready to Ship



Will update pics soon…  We have a few LA Hell Betty barreled actions ready to ship or very close to ready to ship.  Chamberings will vary, and lengths will vary.  Call for real-time inventory… We plan on having a few other chamberings coming soon.  All barreled actions have been hand-fit to the action/bolt.

Add a Grayboe Outlander stock for an additional $350… Add a complete bottom metal kit – Hawkins Orbendorf with Wyatt’s cut mag box ($300) or M5 DBM trigger guard with mag for $250.  Call for details.

In the notes to the seller – include which Barreled Action you’d like… Chambering, finish length, etc.

Call for real-time inventory

RH Hell Betty 6.5-06, 24″ 8 twist – .750″ @ 24″

RH Hell Betty .280 AI, 24″ 8 twist – .750″ @ 24″ – add $300 for carbon wrapped barrel

RH Hell Betty .300 RUM, 10 twist – .685″ @ 26″ – both Left and Right Handed

RH Hell Betty .375 RUM, 24″ 12 twist – .750″ @ 24″ – 5/8×24 – both Left and Right Handed

Muzzle Threads are an additional $100

Different chamberings are in process and not cut to the finished length… Give us a call for more details.


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