RHB Hell Betty Complete Rifle with Carbon Stock – LH available



We have a VERY limited amount of the RHB Hell Betty rifles remaining at this price.  These remaining Hell Betty rifles will be custom built to your specs.  You pick Short Action (.308 or SA Mag bolt face) or Long Action (30-06 or Magnum bolt face), chambering (custom chambers add $150), contour, as well as finish length.  The complete rifle have a Carbon stock (you pick model and color), Hawkins BDL or M5 detachable mag for the bottom metal.  These rifles will come complete with a Trigger Tech trigger, the stock being bedded and the barrel free floated.  The barreled action is finished in your choice of Cerakote finish.  We have (1) Left Handed .308 bolt face action available and (1) Long Action Magnum bolt face.

These Hell Betty will have a hand-fit stainless (optional carbon wrapped barrel) Wilson or McGowen Barrel built to your specs.  These rifles finished typically weigh 7 lbs.  Add a carbon barrel, and the weight is less than 6 lbs!

Complete build components:
Action/bolt – RHB Hell Betty – you pick Short Action (.308 or SA Mag) or Long Action (30-06 or Mag)
Carbon Stock – you pick style (Sporter, Hunter, Vertical Grip)
Bottom Metal – Hawkins Orbendorf BDL or Detachable M5
Trigger – Trigger Tech – Flat or Curved

ALL actions come with a 20 MOA rail (8-40) and have the Wyatt’s cut on the mag well.

Add on options:

Muzzle Threads – $150

Spiral Flutes – $160

Muzzle Brake – $250

Carbon Wrapped Barrel – $300

Since these are built to order lead times will vary from 4 months to over a year.  We have a decent inventory of stocks and barrels.  Lead times are directly correlated to availability of parts.  If we have the parts on hand factor about 4 months to finish the the rifle.  If we have to custom order parts that could drift out to a year or more.

There is only a few of these Hell Betty builds remaining.  Call 415-705-9498 for real-time inventory.

FREE shipping insured in a hard case to your FFL via UPS

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